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VOSH – PA and Sové Lavi
Haiti Eye Care Mission

Dear Friends of Sové Lavi,

The VOSH-PA/Sové Lavi Eye Care Mission is a wrap! Because of the generosity of numerous volunteers, donors, and professionals, 1600 underserved Haitians received eye exams, 1100 prescription eyeglasses, and over 100 cataract surgery. The mission team worked at the Sové Lavi Medical Clinic and conducted mobile clinics in Lachikot, Villard, and Montrouis.

This was VOSH-PA’s (Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity of Pennsylvania) fifth partnership with Sové Lavi. Their dedication, talents, and compassion have gifted thousands of Haitians with corrected vision and improved quality of life.

The VOSH team was led by Dr. Mark Shust whose servant leadership was outstanding on all levels. Joining him on this mission were these dedicated volunteers: Helene Kaiser, O.D.; Victoria Shust; Mark Shust Jr.; Michelle Cadet, OD; Jean Pagani, OD; Emma Reynolds, OD; Linda Boss; Nancy Denker; June Doan; Angelene Rapone; Amisha Desai; Samantha Czerniak; Alexandra Honore; Cody Dagnall and Courtney Davis. In collaboration with the VOSH team, Dr. Pierre-Yves DeCastro provided surgical care at Clinique Ophtalmologique Specialisée in Port-auPrince.

Special thanks are also extended to the Haitian translators from the YMCA, the staff of Clotaire Hotel in Pont Sondé, Sové Lavi staff and Vanessa Brown who has effectively and compassionately played a leading role in initiating and coordinating Sové Lavi’s medical missions.

As many have said — it takes a village to bring change to the world. We are blessed to have a wide circle of dedicated people who provide their heads, hearts, and hands to uplift the people of Haiti with health care, clean water, and education.

Our hearts are full of gratitude…

Kimberly Siméus

Give to the world your compassion and joy. Watch the miracles unfold with gratitude…

Please Help Haiti
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We invite you to join Organisation Sové Lavi (Saving Lives) in our mission to help Haiti.

Founded in 2000 by Dumas Siméus, Organisation Sové Lavi’s (OSL) mission is to save lives and give hope to the poor of Haiti by providing medical care, clean water, education, clothing and nutrition. Our longer- term objective is to create a social enterprise in Haiti, a for-profit business that will provide jobs for the poor of Haiti and funding for this 501c3, non-profit organization.

Haiti is a devastated country, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. The people in Haiti face horrendous daily struggles.  Statistics tell the story of their challenges.  Average life expectancy is the worse in the world at 49 years of age. Too many children die needlessly of diarrhea, malaria and water borne disease.  The country is the most water-deprived in the world.  Haiti is third to Somalia and Afghanistan in hunger.  Unemployment exceeds 70%. The average annual wage is only $500.

Yet, even with these hardships, when visiting this country, you will be forever touched by the beauty, kindness, love and friendliness of the Haitian people.

OSL is grateful to our many benefactors who make it possible for our Organization to provide our services and, ultimately, support our objective of helping the Haitian people have an improved quality of life and long-term, sustainable results.

Anne Franke once said “Isn’t it wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to help change the world.” Please act now and join us in our quest to help the poor in Haiti.