Happy Thanksgiving to the Friends of Sové Lavi!

This moment will forever stay with me, a scene from Sové Lavi’s (Saving Lives) first eye mission in 2003 a Haitian woman in her mid-50’s, dressed in her Sunday best, put on her first pair of eyeglasses and could finally see a sun-filled world. Her exclamation of “The Sun is Shining!” was  expressed in delight and gratitude.  This was truly a sacred moment for all who witnessed her awe of having corrected vision.

I thought of all the beauty of life that she had been missing — the smiles of her grandchildren, the beauty of a flower, the vivid color of a mango.  Because she had no access to eye care, she was not able to see the beauty of God’s creation.  That was true until VOSH (Voluntary Optometric Services for Humanity) travelled to Haiti to work with Sové Lavi to bring eye care and the gift of vision to the poor of Haiti.

Fourteen optometrists, led by Dr. Paul Halpern of VOSH, will be returning to Haiti soon to treat thousands of patients in the Artibonite Valley.  This will be their second trip to Haiti working with the staff of Sové Lavi.  Our Board member, Vanessa Brown is working with Dr. Halpern in planning the important details of this mission.

Coordinating an eye mission requires many resources.  If you wish to give the gift of vision to those in need, please visit our website at:  http://www.sovelavi.org/ where you can make an online donation through PayPal.  Or you can send a check to Organization Sové Lavi, 401 N. Carroll, Box 124, Southlake, TX 76092.  All donations are tax deductible.

Mési anpil (Thank you) to our supporters, to VOSH and to our staff for their dedication to lifting up the poor in Haiti.  May you all be blessed in abundance as you are blessing the poor in Haiti.

Kimberly Siméus

“It isn’t how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa