VOSH – PA and Sové Lavi Haiti Eye Care Mission

VOSH - PA and Sové Lavi Haiti Eye Care Mission Dear Friends of Sové Lavi, The VOSH-PA/Sové Lavi Eye Care Mission is a wrap! Because of the generosity of numerous volunteers, donors, and professionals, 1600 underserved Haitians received eye exams, 1100 prescription eyeglasses, and over 100 cataract surgery.  The mission team worked at the Sové Lavi Medical Clinic


Litter and Love

Litter and Love My trip to Haiti began the day of President Trump’s Inauguration and ended the day of my husband’s brother’s funeral. Prior to departing for the airport, I tossed Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning into my handbag. As the two weeks unfolded, questioning and exploring the meaning of life became a central theme. There