An Update on Jocelyne Saget, the Haitian Girl with Third Degree Burns.

Dear Friends of Jocelyne Saget,

On behalf of Jocelyne Saget, her mother, and Sové Lavi, we thank all of our supporters for helping Jocelyne, the 9-year-old Haitian girl with third-degree burns.

As many say, it takes a village to raise a child. This village came together quickly to Jocelyne’s cause.

First, a quick update The doctors from Project Medishare and the University of Miami performed surgery on Jocelyne at Hopital la Paix on June 8 and she was released on June 9.

General Acé Saint Louis, who was so generous in helping contact Hospital La Paix and arrange transportation and lodging in Port au Prince for Jocelyne, saw her when she left the hospital. He said he saw hope in her eyes. We wish we could have been there to see that moment…

Jocelyne and her mama are now at the Sové Lavi clinic in Pont Sondé and will stay there so that we can oversee her continued treatment.

Everyone who helped Jocelyne converged in six weeks in service. Please allow me to tell the story.

Henry Edly, the administrator of Sové Lavi, contacted us in late April to advise us of Jocelyne’s need for help.

We then contacted our network of those who love Haiti to see if they had any ideas where Jocelyne could receive treatment. Unfortunately, there are no burn treatment centers in Haiti.

Dr. Gretchen Berggren, quickly responded to the email and contacted Boston Shriners hospital who agreed to work with Jocelyne. Vanessa Brown contacted Shriners that same day.

Project Medishare and the physicians from the University of Miami (Dr. Fournier, Dr. Thailler, Dr. DeGennaro, Madame Marie Chery) also contacted us to advise they would be performing surgery at Hopital la Paix the first weekend of June and would be happy to treat Jocelyne. This provided a quality solution for Jocelyne (as would have Shriners) but provided the extra benefit of Jocelyne being in familiar surroundings.

Dr. Saint-Fleur of Hopital la Paix, Henry and Acé then worked together to arrange hospital details, transportation and lodging for Jocelyne and her mother the night before her hospital stay.

Guerby Siméus, who is on the staff of Sové Lavi, accompanied Jocelyne and her mother to Port au Prince.

Surgery was successfully performed Sunday, June 8. Prior to surgery, Jocelyne’s left arm was melted to her torso because of the burns. She now has complete movement of her arm.

Jocelyne was blessed with the financial support of many, including 9-year-old Isabella, who donated her allowance.

And thanks to all who kept Jocelyne in their thoughts and prayers.

What a wonderful village you have all created in support of this special little girl!

Once she is healed, Sové Lavi will support Jocelyne’s education. I have a feeling God has big things in store for her future.

Que Dieu vous bénisse tous! (May God bless you all!),

Jocelyne was blessed with the financial support of many, including 9-year-old Isabella, who donated her allowance.

With warmest regards,
Kimberly Siméus
Sové Lavi

“Isn’t it wonderful that it takes only a moment to help save the world.”
– Anne Franke

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