Clean Water Saves Children’s Lives and Helps Keep Their Dreams Alive.

More than half of the population in Haiti lacks access to clean water. A child dies every 15 seconds because of water-borne disease.
Many children walk up to six miles a day to retrieve water for their families, which prevents them from going to school.

Access to clean water saves children’s lives and gives them hope that their dreams for a better future can truly become a reality.

Interested in making a difference in the lives of these children and their parents and siblings? All it takes is $10.

Join Sové Lavi (Saving Lives) in drilling a well in Haiti. We are asking 500 people to join us in this project that will provide clean water for 2,000 residents in Pont Sondé, Haiti, where our clinic is located.

Your $10 will provide clean water to 5 people for a lifetime.

That’s right $10 is all it takes, the equivalent of a fast food meal, several cups of coffee, or a couple of magazines.

With a $10 donation, you will be giving a lifetime of health, freedom, and hope for 5 children.
Please check the Donation page for more information.

May you be blessed in abundance as you are blessing the poor of Haiti.

With warmest regards,
Kimberly Siméus
Sové Lavi

Sové Lavi: 8 years of service to the poor in Haiti.
90,000 patients treated at our clinic. 3 wells drilled. 6,000 have access to clean water.