Help Jocelyne, a 9 year old Haitian Girl, with Third Degree Burns.

Jocelyne and her Mother recently came to the Sové Lavi clinic in Pont Sondé, Haiti, for help with third degree burns covering her chest and arm.

Our clinic administrator immediately contacted us to find a burn center for her. We have identified two hospitals that are willing to assist, the Boston Shriners Hospital and Hospital La Paix, for which we are very grateful.

Jocelyne was burned as a result of a tragic accident. Last December, she was lighting a kerosene lamp, spilled kerosene on her body, lit a match, and was tragically burned. At the tender age of 9, Jocelyne was just trying to help her family with their daily chores.

After the accident, Jocelyne was taken to a hospital that treated her for a few months and then released her because her Mother, who is extremely poor, could no longer pay for her medical expenses.

The pictures of Jocelyne’s burns are heartbreaking. About 70% of her chest is burned, and she no longer has the use of her left hand. She is in need of several skin grafts.

We estimate that Jocelyne’s expenses will be about $10,000 (U.S.). If you wish to help this precious little girl, please check the Donation page for more information.

Many thanks.