Hurricane Tomas Aftermath

After Hurricane Tomas damaged Port-Salut’s coastal area, particularly
Roche-Jabouin and surrounding villages, Organization Sove Lavi along with its
board member Jean-Michel Voltaire, Esq., reached out to assist.

The only well in Roche-Jabouin was contaminated by the sea water and has been
the source of water-borne diseases in this village. Feared of a potential
cholera outbreak in this remote area, we distributed chlorine to more than 180
household to treat the contaminated water. Most importantly, we partner with
Father Marc Boisvert of Proje Espwa Sud to deliver toothbrushes, toothpaste,
shoes, and vitamin enriched-rice to the people of Roche-Jabouin and surrounding

We want to continue the work that we are doing in the area and strengthen this
partnership with Proje Espwa Sud to meet the extreme needs of these vulnerable
children. We ask for your help in supporting these children, in giving them
hope to a better future.

Jean-Michel Voltaire is organizing his second Annual Soccer Tournament for the
children this summer. Last year’s tournament was a huge success. We are now
collecting soccer shoes and seeking financial support for this Tournament.

Please join us in financially supporting Jean-Michel’s important work in Haiti.
He is saving lives and bringing joy and hope to so many children.