Sove Lavi Sponsors Educational Scholarship

Organisation Sove Lavi is proud to announce that a Haitian child, Sara Fina Estime Toune-Deux, we have sponsored for the past 2 years has been promoted to second grade. She attends Les Bons Samaritains, a school founded by The Mortel Family Charitable Foundation in St. Marc, Haiti.

“Sara Fina’s academic performance was excellent this year. We are so proud of her and the work of Les Bon Samaritains, and are happy to be partnering with them in their quest to educate the poor children in Haiti,” said Kimberly Siméus, President, Organisation Sove Lavi.

For less than $1 a day, Les Bons Samaritains provides tuition, meals, books and preventive medical care for a child for an entire year. “Education gives children hope for their future”, said Siméus, “You can change a child’s life for only $300 a year. This is certainly a gift of love.”

Sove Lavi provides medical care, potable water, and educational scholarships in Haiti.

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