University of Texas Southwestern medical doctors and students

Sové Lavi (Saving Lives) is honored and privileged to have the ongoing support of University of Texas Southwestern medical doctors and students for the past four years. They selflessly give up their spring break to work at our clinic in Haiti, conduct mobile clinics in far reaching areas that have no access to medical care, conduct research projects and distribute mosquito nets to babies and young children to prevent malaria.

“This is a special, enlightened group of doctors and students who are truly making a positive impact in Haiti,” said Kimberly Siméus, President of Sové Lavi.

Their testimonies below express their commitment to help the poorest of the poor in Haiti.

I had the opportunity to serve in Haiti last summer and fell in love with the people. Suffice it to say, Haiti has my heart. Specifically, I remember one little boy who wandered up to us while we were working on some shelters, and he had a deep gash between his toes that was full of dirt and gravel. We did our best to clean the wound and bandage him up until a doctor arrived later that day, but I remember it crushed me that I could not do anything more for him. I knew that I wanted to start going back to Haiti on medical trips once medical school started. – David Vermette, MS1
I firmly believe that serving internationally helps to broaden one’s perspective and deepen one’s commitment to serving others. – David Vermette, MS1

This trip will allow me to gain a firsthand insight into Haitian culture while giving me the honor of helping and learning from those who require medical care in Pont Sondé. – Mona Homafar, MS1

In Haiti, students have the opportunity to experience the country’s dynamic blend of African and Latin cultures and to work very intently and specifically in a place that has so many medical needs, providing an unparalleled educational experience. The trip provides a unique and incredibly important opportunity for UT Southwestern students to experience first-hand the needs of a world outside their own and to practice the skills to provide immediate assistance. Our world is becoming increasingly more globalized, and our generation is going to need to know and understand foreign cultures. Ede Jodi and its endeavors are indispensable to UTSW as the school grows to more fully prepare its students to practice medicine in the future. I travel to Haiti not only to contribute to work in the clinic but also to contribute to the greater significance that the group has in teaching students to become better doctors. – Abigail Smith, MS2

Needless to say, the staff of Sové Lavi and the community of Pont Sondé, Haiti love the students and physicians of the University of Texas Southwestern!

Kimberly Siméus
Sové Lavi

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